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Birthdate:Jan 3
Location:New York, United States of America
I believe in green urbanism, and am working towards bringing my ideals to fruition on a day to day basis in my life. I live with my beloved, [info]midnightstation, and my son. I am lucky to have a set of wonderful friends and family.

It's been quite a year.

My journal is friends locked for various reasons.

Are you a friend of mine that's not on LiveJournal, and you'd like to read my LJ? I have set up a dummy journal called [info]nex0s_guest. If you would like to use that to read my LJ, please email me for the password.

If you are on LJ and you friend me, I may friend you, I may not. I may friend you but not put you on my Default View. I may not. It's not (usually) personal, I just dont' have a lot of time in my life, and i have to be careful how I spend it.

All photos and writing contained herein are copyright me unless otherwise noted. I think I've managed to put who did what, but let me know if I missed one. Please ask before using.

Note for the LJ Abuse Team: personal info posted as first private post.

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